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Overview of Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone (HGH), also known as somatotropin, is a vital hormone produced in the pituitary gland that stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration. As we age, HGH production declines leading to undesirable effects. HGH therapy can help restore optimal levels to promote anti-aging benefits and an improved quality of life.

What Does HGH Do?

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Why HGH Declines

Natural HGH secretion diminishes with age, often starting in the 30s. This gradual decline is due to factors like:

Restoring HGH to youthful ranges with medical treatment can help reverse this age-related deterioration.

Signs and Symptoms of HGH Deficiency

Indications that your HGH levels are suboptimal include:

If experiencing several of these effects of aging earlier than expected, HGH therapy may help get to the root cause.

Benefits of HGH Treatment

Under the supervision of our highly-skilled hormone doctors at Equilibrium Hormone Institute, personalized HGH therapy offers multiple advantages:

Physical Enhancements

Emotional and Cognitive Improvements

Sexual and Heart Health Benefits

With an excellent safety profile when professionally administered, HGH therapy can help you feel and function at your peak regardless of age or gender.

Restore vitality and optimize your quality of life!

HGH Treatment Protocols

Though additional testing may be required, our basic HGH therapy process is straightforward:


A comprehensive health analysis and exam to determine therapy appropriateness based on your hormone bloodwork, medical history, symptoms, and goals.


If qualified, our hormone doctor will design a customized HGH regimen just for your needs, lifestyle and budget.


Self-administering injections at home following our provided schedule and protocols for safe, consistent dosing.

Follow-Up Monitoring

Routine bloodwork and progress tracking appointments to ensure your hormone levels are optimizing as expected for your health and wellbeing.

We also provide convenient virtual consult options for situations like travel or illness to keep your treatment on track.

Why Choose Equilibrium Hormone Institute for Your HGH Therapy?

With over 15 years serving Astoria, Equilibrium Hormone Institute is the leading anti-aging hormone center due to our commitment to:

Personalized Care

Our compassionate hormone doctors take time to understand your unique needs before creating customized regimens utilizing the latest advancements.

Specialized Expertise

Lead physician Dr. Richards completed his hormone certification through the distinguished Mayo Clinic and stays current on the latest research.

Premium Bioidentical HGH

We provide only U.S.-made somatropin products through licensed domestic pharmacies for unparalleled quality, consistency and value.


From in-office to virtual options, we offer flexible hours and communication platforms for seamless HGH treatment support.

Community Focus

In addition to top-notch clinical care, we actively educate locals through workshops, blogs and outreach on evidence-based hormone health.

Equilibrium Hormone Institute strives to deliver exceptional HGH therapy outcomes through our compassionate, specialized approach so you can thrive and feel your best.

Interesting fact

While often associated with performance enhancement and anti-aging, HGH therapy was originally developed in 1985 as a treatment for children with growth hormone deficiency to help them achieve normal height and development. Today it remains an FDA-approved medication to treat diagnosed growth hormone deficiencies in both children and adults.

Lifestyle Recommendations for Optimal HGH Results

While HGH therapy provides enormous benefits, optimizing your lifestyle habits creates an environment to help it work most effectively. We suggest:

Nutrient-Dense Whole Foods

Eating more plants and high-quality proteins while limiting sugar generates lasting energy minus inflammation. Some top picks include avocado, nuts, seeds, wild salmon, beans and cruciferous vegetables.

High-Intensity Interval Training

Short bursts of maximum effort like sprints or bodyweight circuits trigger HGH release while increasing fitness. Even 10-20 minutes a few days per week makes a big difference long-term.

Adequate Sleep

Getting 7-9 hours nightly, ideally before midnight, allows critical tissue repair and regeneration helping HGH synthesis. Developing strong sleep hygiene via a routine is key.

Stress Relief

Managing emotional overwhelm through sufficient rest, community connection, light exercise, yoga, or meditation helps balance hormones for peak wellness.

Making positive lifestyle tweaks magnifies and sustains the improvements from HGH therapy. Our doctors provide thorough, individualized suggestions during your consultation.

Reclaim your youth with HGH therapy today!

Ideal Locations in Astoria for HGH Treatment

With scenic river views and mountain vistas, Astoria’s mild seasonal climate averaging just 44-69 degrees annually makes our area conducive year-round for robust outdoor activity prime for HGH therapy success.

We recommend these top three local spots to complement your regimen:

Astoria Riverwalk

This popular pathway along the Columbia River provides plenty of walking, jogging or biking opportunities to soak in the fresh air and stunning waterfront views.

Compass Course Fitness Circuit

Conveniently located downtown, this innovative outdoor exercise park delivers a fun, full-body workout for all fitness levels to boost your metabolism.

Clemente Walls Racquet & Fitness Club

Our favorite upscale athletic facility offering cutting-edge equipment, over 100 group classes weekly, an indoor pool, spa services and personal trainers to push your limits.

With abundant natural splendor and amenities, Astoria provides an idyllic backdrop to amplify your HGH therapy gains. Contact Equilibrium Hormone Institute today to get started.

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